January 2015

We wish everyone a very Happy and Peaceful New Year as we get back to normality.


We have some changes to our administration team and are pleased to announce that Sarah Robertson will be joining the team as Office Manager working alongside Marie Goulding, the founder of MCG Training some 20 years ago.

Sarah previously worked for Surrey Police for over 10 years both as a Coroner’s Officer and in the Headquarters Call Centre as a supervisor. For the last year or so she has worked with us as a Trainer but we are delighted that she has now joined the admin team and is looking forward to running the office as well as delivering the occasional training courses when required. Sarah intends to be working in the office from Monday to Thursday from 9.15am – 3pm and she can be contacted by email on admin@mcgtraining.co.uk or by telephone on 01252 725656. Please give her a ring and introduce yourselves, she would appreciate that.


There is currently a consultation in progress looking at ways in which the delivery of the current paediatric 12 hour course may be improved. We will keep you informed of any announcements that are made.


During the previous year we were delighted to hear from a couple of clients that first aid really does work. One client was involved in putting someone into recovery who had collapsed and was unconscious and was ignored by other members of the public because they did not know what to do. Our client stepped in and very probably saved the life of the casualty. Another client stepped in to assist a casualty in seizure. It often seems that first aid training is the poor relative, and many people are still very concerned about delivering first aid and being sued. This is highly unlikely in the UK if a person stepped in to help a casualty even if they were not trained. Ask yourself how you would feel if you did nothing to help and a casualty who could have been saved didn’t make it. First aid training gives you life skills to help someone in trouble, they could even be members of your own family or friends, so if you have shied away from training make it your resolution to bite the bullet and see what a difference you can make if you had to.