Here we are, my first blog post!

I have just returned from a short break to Devon with my 5 year old Daughter Lucy. We had a ball! the weather was glorious and the sea was warm and thankfully, we were almost incident free. It did make me think though. It can be the minor incidents that will make or break a trip.

As we were packing the bag ready to head for the sand, I put the First Aid kit in. My friend gave me one of those looks and said “Really?!” As a First Aider, it’s natural for me to be fully equipped at all times but I appreciate that for most, it’s not that high on the list.

In the event, we needed it, all be it for a minor cut. Lucy was having a merry old time in a rock pool and fell over with an enormous splash. Next thing I know, tears and panic set in. She had somehow sliced her palm on something in the water. Believe me, blood appears to multiply in the water and it looked like a massacre! We rinsed it off and grabbed a tissue to try and stem the bleed. A tissue – I know! Really not good first aid practice but in my defence my bag was up the beach so you sometimes have to make do! I held her arm above her head and pressed the bleed hard to get it to stop. We then had to put a plaster on it. Fortunately our fun resumed shortly and it didn’t dampen our spirits at all.

What other hazards are we likely to face on a British beach?

Jellyfish seemed rife and apparently can give you a nasty little sting. What would you do? How would you recognise it? You would feel severe pain and have an itchy rash and raised welts where it touched you. Some people may feel sick and have cramps in their tummies or even diarrhoea. Occasionally someone may demonstrate chest pains and have difficulty breathing. The first aid is simple! Treat with an ice pack and if the more severe symptoms show then call for an ambulance. Paracetamol may help later with the pain.

Here is a link to the NHS Website which has more information on sea creature related injuries.

I could go on but I don’t want to bore you all or scare you off! Beaches are wonderful places and with a little preparation, we can deal with any eventuality. Enjoy!