Anaphylaxis Training


Course Duration: 1-1.5 hours tuition

For schools and Early Years Settings

Our trainers have completed a Royal College of Nursing accredited learning and training initiative which looks at more than just the technique of using Epi Pens or Jext Pens.

Throughout this course we will look at exactly what is going on in an anaphylactic reaction as well as the many provoking factors which can precipitate an anaphylactic reaction. We discuss the three important steps to managing severe allergies and how we can prevent exposing vulnerable children to their allergen, how to spot the early signs and what to do in an emergency as well as what not to do and we highlight problems that could arise when the children are out for the day with their schools or on residential visits or are in the care of temporary or supply staff who may not be aware of their history.

Finally we demonstrate and give everyone the opportunity of having sufficient practise with the training pens to increase their confidence should they ever have to take responsibility for the the administration of the medication in an emergency situation.